Connecting The Dots

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We come from completely different worlds. Japan and the U.S., Osaka and Los Angeles. Yet despite the cultural differences, languages, and distance, there is much more that brings us together than separates us. There is an underlying current that connects us–all of us.

Haruna comes from a traditional Japanese background filled with Kimono lessons, tea ceremony, and A LOT of amazing food. The type of amazing food that was consistently organic and well prepared which accounts for her lack of illness and impressive health.

Patrick first grew up in New England then moved to Los Angeles where he experienced first hand the relationship between fresh food and local economies and the pleasures of gardening and growing his own food.

We met in San Fransisco and shortly realized our shared appreciation for a healthy lifestyle and a respectful mindfulness. Organic food, respect for nature and one another, buying locally, cooking, baking, gardening, connecting to nature, and being grateful for what we have and for those around us is what we think can connect us all.

Through a ton of hands on experiences, research, and support of one another, we decided to start a website sharing all we know with those who are wanting to positively change the world and themselves. Most importantly, we realized how interconnected we are with our food, nature, health, culture, and each other.  We want to connect the dots and share those realizations through both passion and fact.

We also realized many of the problems society faces can be solved through decentralized means and methods (or parallel systems), not necessarily going along with the status quo. Whether it’s shopping at a farmers’ market instead of a supermarket chain, or growing your own tomatoes instead of buying them, making small, incremental changes in everyday decisions have the potential to transform the body, mind, and those around you. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer and look forward to learning together