Cooking Lessons & Services

Between culinary school, catering events, private dinner parties, and restaurant work, we have a lot cooking experience we want to share with you. Agrication offers a variety of cooking lessons to match your skill level and desired focus within the Greater Los Angeles Area. From beginners to accomplished home cooks, we focus on developing the skills and techniques needed to make your cooking life a lot easier and more enjoyable. All of our classes use 100% organic ingredients. Take a look at our options below and Contact Us once you’re ready to sign up!



Knife Skills- Lean how to better wield your strongest ally in the kitchen. From body position to a brunoise cut, we guide our students with insider tips and fundamental techniques with plenty of produce to practice on.

Intro to Baking– For the beginners who want to get into baking this is the class for you. We cover the science and methods behind some of the tastiest bakes that are easier than you think.

Searing and Roasting– Learn all about the Maillard reaction and how searing and roasting locks in moisture and produces beautiful looking dishes. In this class, you’ll learn that these techniques and methods are applicable across almost all ingredients.

Mother of Sauces– The 5 French Mother Sauces are the basis for almost any great sauce to top your Eggs Benedict, your creamy lasagna, your steak au poivre and much more. Can you name all of them? No? Sounds like the perfect class for you.

(More than 11) Herbs & Spices– Have a cabinet full for spices but typically resort to just 3 or 4? This class covers both dry and fresh herbs and spices from across the globe. Learn to mix and match flavors to create new profiles worthy of international bragging rights.

Soups & Stocks– Every great soup begins with a flavorful stock. After learning how to build flavors and foundations, we’ll jump right into simmering homemade soups that will warm your bones.

Seasonal/Holiday Classes- Each month seems to carry with it a symbolic dish or type of celebration- turkey for Thanksgiving, cookies for Christmas, homemade grilled sausages for 4th of July. Contact Us about our special seasonal classes.

Dinner Parties and Private Events

Looking for a charismatic seasoned chef to cook for your next dinner party or small event? Want a combination cooking lesson and dinner party? Contact Us to curate the perfect foodie event to please you, your friends, and your palette within the greater Los Angeles Area.