Healing Services

Agrication believes in healing the spirit and soul to detoxify the body from impurities and ailments. A large beneficial part to this is knowing what to put inside your body for optimal health. We curate weekly recipe lists, meal plans, and market walkthroughs with our clients to better educate them on what is offered, where it comes from, and how to turn it into a delicious meal.

Apart from a healthy diet and nutritional guidelines,  we provide OPT (Okada Purifying Therapy, or Jorei) and detoxifying massages to purge the body of accumulated toxins and impurities. A process founded by Mokichi Okada, OPT focuses on healing the body through positive light energy  which dissolves negative accumulated toxins as well as hereditary toxins in the body. Please visit MOA’s website to read more about OPT and the philosophy behind it. If you are interested in receiving OPT or want more information, please email us.

Please Contact Us once you are ready to schedule an OPT session, a purifying massage, or a nutritional consultation.